Watch the Freaknik: The Musical Trailer Featuring Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T-Pain and Snoop Dogg

T-Pain's Freaknik: The Musical is exactly the sort of amalgamation of talent and weirdness that the late-night, cartoon-watching, Doritos-eating demographic lives for, but how it plays out is a mystery. "It is based on Freaknik, a once popular annual festival in Atlanta, Georgia," says Wikipedia, and Teddy Pain loves a good spectacle, so pretty much anything could happen.

What we do know: luminary rappers with local ties including Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, some Saturday Night Live talent including "I'm On a Boat" bro Andy Samberg and Bill Hader (who has portrayed Jersey Shore's "The Situation" of late) and Snoop Dogg all contribute voices to this animated special airing on Adult Swim Sunday, March 7 at 11:30 p.m. ET.

Watch the new promo, and a lengthier clip featuring interviews with the stars after the jump.

Freaknik: The Musical (Cast Interviews) T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Rick

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