Video: III Points Proved Local Music Is Alive and Well in Miami

Another III Points has come and gone, and I’m still trying to find my lost innocence voice. The Wynwood-based music, art, and technology fest was bigger, bolder, and had Miami going harder than ever before. It’s going to take more than ten hours of sleep to shake this social hangover.

With five stages (if you can count the DJ booth at the entrance), a giant pyramid farm, a hidden roller rink, and a barrage of video mapping technology, the vibe was mysterious, gritty, and full of sensory overload. III Points is basically the Dark Ultra, like if all the ravers walked through a doom-and-gloom machine, murdered the sun in a mystic-crystal seance, and then moshed with the Illuminati.

Fans were sure to catch their favorite international acts, but the real fun is in the adventure. III Points stacked the lineup will killer local talent. Anywhere you wandered, you were sure to hear some incredible tunes from funk music, to internet rap, surf rock, acid house, or TropiGoth synth waves. More than likely, the musicians were from the 305, driving home the most important Point of the III — if we want to hear good music, we need only look as far as our backyard.

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The music is there, Miami. Now that you’ve discovered it, make sure you get out there and support.

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