Video and MP3: CeCe Segarra Featuring Gucci Mane - "Go Your Own Way"

Local songstress CeCe Segarra has been positioned as the next dance-pop star from Miami, and while she's largely just made club appearances up to now, she may finally have her breakout track. In a major coup for a relatively unknown new artist, she's scored a feature from newly freed Gucci Mane on her new song, "Go Your Own Way."

Rather than pine over some faceless man she's lost, Segarra touts the song early in the lyrics as "a happy breakup song," and both she and Gucci gleefully celebrate the end of a fictional relationship gone stale. The track itself is upbeat, bouncy, and heavily synth-based as is the radio rage these days, and there's no reason why this shouldn't enter heavy Power 96 rotation any minute now.

We wish we could identify in which fancy downtown condo this was shot just by the view, but, um, we're broke bloggers and we sadly don't roll like that. Can anyone else figure it out? Either way, download the MP3 below via Mashable, which featured the track yesterday on its weekly, high-traffic Free Music Monday post.

Download: CeCe Segarra feat. Gucci Mane - "Go Your Own Way"

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