Uchi's Cyborgs Party at Electric Pickle: "Bring Your Own Laser Beams"

Dress-up is officially cool again. So is being a sci-fi geek.

In our opinion, that stuff never went out of style. But even if you're not a nerd for robots, the latest nightlife endeavor from sexy, dark DJ Uchi will get you bleepin' and bloopin' like a vintage automaton on the fritz.

It's called Cyborgs. And it's good, old-fashioned fun meets space-age house and techno.

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Had you ever tuned in to Uchi's Dead Air program on the University of Miami's WVUM 90.5 FM, then you'd know she digs the kind of dance music that sounds a lot like what you'd hear in deep space, if humans could actually hear in deep space.

"I was doing the radio at WVUM for three years, but then I graduated," says Uchi, AKA Isabella Douzoglou. "Cyborgs is an extension of that project. The music is basically the same music that I picked to go on the radio.

"I've always been enthusiastic about synthesizers and sort of '80s-sounding music," she adds. "Cyborgs was just a matter of finding a name for a group of people who like electronic music that's futuristic and scientific and different, while still keeping it within the range of deep house and techno."

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