Two New Miami Music Blogs You Should Be Checking Out: Nightdrive & Miami Grime

Let's face it: Miami sucks when it comes to music blogs. Places like New York, Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle all have better online music presence. That's not to say there aren't people out there trying. We already crowned

Off the Radarthe city's best music blog

, while Crossfade contributor Dro has been pushing hip-hop (both local and national) hard via

, and we love them both for it.

That's why we get excited when we discover new music blogs written by Miami people. So let us introduce you to two of them:

Nightdrive is named after the nightlife collective that's made up of scene regulars like Laura Sutnick, Patrick Walsh, Moshe Franco, and few others, all who also happen to write the content for it. The blog talks plenty about "buzz bands" that chart regularly on the Hype Machine, but it also devotes a lot of space to local music as well -- something that's to be admired. There are also plenty of giveaways done regularly. So if you are into checking out local music and shows, following them is a must.

There is also Miami Grime, started by natives Biagio Musacchia and Domingo Murillo. It's sort of music blog meets retail shop. There still needs to be a bit more consistency -- sticking with regular weekly columns could help it. But if it keeps churning out interviews like this one done with the Golden Filter last month, we could see it becoming a site worth checking out daily.

We are always looking to discover new local music blogs. So feel free to alert us of anything worth noting.

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