Twerk Team MIA's Booty-Shaking Videos Are All About "Action and ASS!!!"

Twerk Team Miami loves a big juicy ass shaking to some music.

But these ass aficionados wanted to go bigger. So they've taken the concept of the booty-shaking video, and added elements like storyline and a cinéma vérité shooting style that uses filmic outdoor locations in Miami's urban core.

Their new web drama series, Twerk Or Die, features beautiful bouncing booties all over Miami. We spoke to executive producer Lobo the Big Bad Wolf about her project. Here's what she had to say.

Crossfade: So, tell me about Twerk Or Die....

Lobo: It's just basically ass-shaking. But classy. It's a drama-twerk series. Anything can happen, and it's action-packed. But with ass. So it's twerkin' with a twist.

We're seeking dancers and strippers and actresses in South Florida and Tampa to shoot episodes.

What exactly is twerking?

I don't know where the term originated, but it's a form of dance that's just like a twist and a shake. A fast shaking of the ass is twerking. So now it's really what's popular, especially in cyberspace. Who doesn't like booty? Everyone likes booty.

How did you start out?

Well, it's two of us, LP3 and me, Lobo The Big Bad Wolf. We were just sittin' 'round, thinkin', watching booty videos, and we said to ourselves, "They just sitting in their house in front of the closet. We could take that to the next level." It was an impulsive decision, and within a couple days we had our first scenario. We did a casting call and one girl showed up. She shot episodes one through three, and she did an amazing job.

Tell us about the look of the project.

We have a Mad Max aesthetic to the series. We tell the girls when they sign on that they have to be ready to dance and act anywhere at anytime.

And we're always casting. You can call 786-380-LOBO (5626) any time or email lobothaheatmagazine@gmail.com. Catch ass when it drop!

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