Top Ten Thursdays: The Top Ten Heavy Metal Bands of All Time

This evening's Metallica performance at the BankAtlantic Center will surely attract a tumultuous sea of testosterone covered in black T-shirts and ripped jeans -- and maybe even a few women. This all-ages army of metal maniacs will bang their heads, stomp their boots, throw the devil horns and look for someone to shove. And over a pre-show smoke don't be surprised if you hear a heated debate about the greatest metal bands of all time. Here's our Top 10 list -- ranked in order of awesomeness.

Metallica, with Lamb of God, Gojira. Thursday, October 1, BankAtlantic Center, One Panther Pkwy, Sunrise. Show starts at 7 p.m., tickets cost $49.50 to $69.50.

1. Black Sabbath

The original heavy metal warriors, Black Sabbath's early records sound as beautifully brutal today as anything ever made. And frontman Ozzy Osbourne went on to have a pretty damn fine solo career. Here's Sabbath's violent plea for peace "War Pigs" -- yeah, they were kind of like heavy metal hippies -- delivered with massive might at a 1970 gig in Paris.

2. Metallica

Thrashers capable of terrifically intricate work, Metallica's self-titled, 1991 commercial blockbuster pissed off many longtime fans but was actually a good album. That said, it led to an amazingly dreadful 17-year creative drought. Fortunately, all was made right last year with the Rick Rubin-produced return to glory Death Magnetic. Here's Metallica performing a fierce version of "Fade to Black" -- from 1984's Ride the Lightning -- in concert last summer.

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