Top Five Uncle Luke Videos

We don't advocate theft, but when our little buddy stole a II Live Crew tape from the Spec's by what's now Sunset Place sometime in the '90s it changed our life.

Luke taught our eight year old self to cuss out politicians ("Fuck Martinez, Fuck Fuck Martinez"), and told us all about what a hot, wet pussy of a city Miami is.

He's also a First Amendment hero up there with Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor.

Luke faced down a Federal judge, the fundamentalist christian rightwing, the media, and risked his freedom so that future rappers could write and perform lyrics like "pop that pussy."

Now that's some Miami shit.

After the jump, here are his top five videos.

5. I Wanna Rock - Doo Doo Brown

This genre defining video is amazing. It contains lots of shaking, thonged ass, underwater booty dancing and the word Coochie as a scrolling graphic.

4. Uncle Luke - Scarred

How often do you get to hear a song that says "Scarred uh uh them titties. Scarred uh uh, that pussy. Scarred uh uh. them titties...."

3. Uncle Luke Making Fun of Kanye West and Britney Spears

This is a pretty hilarious interview between Uncle Luke and somebody named Mr. Riggla. Luke says of Kanye, "That's acting like a lady, he's a woman man, only girls do that, get to screaming like that."

2. Notorious BIG, Biggie featuring Luke - Bust A Nut (Acapella)

Now we know why songs have beats. This one kind of sounds like shit without one, but it's cool to hear the recording process broken down this way, like one of those fish with invisible skin.

1. Fat Girls

HAHAHAHAHA WTF. There are almost no words for this video, just, wow. Thanks for watching.

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