Tom Anderson Productions on Myspace: "This Depository for Music ... A Graveyard"

Tom Anderson Productions is a Miami record label that's dredged the depths of South Florida's dive-bar freeform music scene, digging up tuneage that would have otherwise remained completely obscured.

Miami-based visual artist and Renaissance man Domingo Castillo founded the label in 2009 as a digital-only publishing house that used separate MySpace accounts to showcase selected suites of music.

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After graduating from MySpace to other digital formats (YouTube, private hosting), Tom Anderson has made the big leap from pixels to atoms with a trio of new releases all housed on sharply designed cassette tapes.

While the three releases may belong to different base genres (post-punk, eclectic electro, and cold brooding techno), they are united by Castillo's curatorial excavation. We gave Domingo a ring-a-ding to see what was up with Tom Anderson gettin' physical.

Crossfade: Did you download all of these hahahelp! tracks from MySpace?

Domingo Castillo: Yep.

So they're still up there?

MySpace became this depository for music.

[Then, said at the same time...]

Almost like a cemetery.

It's like a graveyard.

Domingo Castillo: We've done two haha releases. The first one was The Official Album, which was something they did in '06, All of these recordings they had done at Rat Bastard's when they first started. That was an internet release. The new tape is all of the songs they had on MySpace, songs they were working on from 2008 to 2010. I thought it made sense to put out as a tape.

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Domingo Castillo: I've known Teresa [AKA Roover Hook] for seven years. I've known her to make music, and I've seen her play over a hundred times. But she's never put anything out. That's the perfect reason to do so.

Miami Cologne Binge by Nick Klein

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Domingo Castillo: Miami cologne binge! Nick was always in bands and started playing techno. All three tapes are very different. Teresa had a stockpile of music. hahahelp! was in the graveyard. With Nick, we worked on the release for six or seven months before we released it. We sent songs back and forth and were actively going through music Nick was making to put a release together.

For more about Tom Anderson Productions, visit tomandersonproductions.bandcamp.com

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