Tiga on "Bugatti," Shitty Books, and Being Beautifully Weird

When you think about the perks of being a DJ, what comes to mind is all the time you'd have to read books, right?

Maybe that's weird to you. But it isn't to Tiga. Then again, he's always been a little different. The celebrated Canadian producer has always defied dance music's fads while still finding success. And he owes much of his prosperity to just being himself.

Being Tiga most recently led him to write the runaway hit "Bugatti," a track so beloved on the dance scene that it inspired a rap cut from Pusha T and nine more remixes.

We at New Times caught up with the DJ-producer to learn why "Bugatti" has become one of his most treasured successes. And to hear what he's reading, of course.

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