Tiempo Libre Helps Give Café Bustelo a New Face

Café Bustelo's iconic can is getting a makeover. That's right, the instantly recognizable red and yellow facade that cafecito drinkers have groped for first thing in the bleary-eyed morning for the past 80 years will look somewhat different as the recently unveiled cans begin to pop up around the country.  Don't fret though; the basic look will be the same, just improved upon by the added image of one of Miami's best bands -- Tiempo Libre!  It's a match made in heaven, as both can accurately be described as el que se cuela en todas partes.

Since forming in Miami 8 years ago, Tiempo Libre has broken out in a big way, nabbing two consecutive Grammy nods for Arroz Con Mango and Lo Que Esperabas along the way. They recently signed to Sony Masterworks, who will be releasing their latest record, Bach in Havana. Simply put, the orchestra's modern take on Afro-Cuban roots blended with Latin jazz is second to none.  

And to whet your appetite for their latest offering, they're giving you a chance to download a track from the album titled "Tu Congo Bach", along with help from Bustelo's parent company, Rowland Coffee Roasters. Head to the java cabana to grab yours.

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