The TruStory of the Scrilla Shooting: "The Way They Got MLK, They're Trying to Get Us"

When Miami rapper Young Scrilla was shot in Overtown while making a music video a couple of weeks ago, details trickled out like a weekend baller trying to make it rain with Wingstop coupons.

Now, in a Crossfade exclusive, Dave and LT of TruStory Entertainment -- the bosses who threw last year's Rick Ross show at King of Diamonds and who run all things Scrilla -- are giving their first interview about the shooting, and it was a lot wilder than anyone thought.

"The only thing Scrilla is a victim of," Dave tells us, "is his own success."

There's also the matter of the drive-by shooting that sent Scrilla, LT, and a TruStory associate to the hospital with multiple bullet wounds.

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