The Hoy Polloy Celebrate One Year Together at Kill Your Idol

The Hoy Polloy
is, in a word, refreshing. The Miami four-piece has been blending its own recipe of hybrid alternative pop-funk for the last three years. With founding members Nick Romanelli and K Sos, Hoy Polloy released its first album On the Way to Rome in November 2012. But Romanelli left the group in the Summer of 2013. K Sos then added a drummer who simply goes by "Panther," the multi-talented Francisco Padilla, and — after placing an ad on Craigslist — Juan Lameiro and was brought into the band. This current incarnation of the Miami four-piece had its first gig together almost exactly a year ago on September 25, 2014.

The current lineup — consisting of K Sos on vocals, bass, saxophone and keys; Panther on drums, harmonica, guitar, and backing vocals; Francisco Padilla on keys and bass; and Juan Lameiro manning guitar, percussion, and backing vocals — released its debut EP, Dancing wtih the Panther, back in February.

Yet, somehow, with so many different styles at play, Hoy Polloy's sound still comes off as simple, joyful, and unpretentious. Not an easy feat.

We caught up with The Hoy Polloy to see how things are going before the band celebrates one year playing together at Kill Your Idol on Wednesday.
New Times: Ok, I usually don't ask this but, what's with the band name?
K Sos: The Hoy Polloy signifies "the masses." The philosophy upon which this group was formed: "Music for the Masses." Our ability to cross genres with a blend of rock 'n' roll is how we stay true to this principle. No matter what genre preference you have, there's a good chance The Hoy Polloy has got something for you.

I don't think you guys formed this band from'd u get started?
K Sos: Ironically enough, we did run an ad to complete our band. Juan Lameiro was the first person to reply. Ultimately, he would be the only person that was ever auditioned. The rest of us had already met while working for The Malnik Family at The Forge restaurant and wine bar. We moved ended up living under the same roof within six months. 

Tell me about your first gig together.
Juan Lameiro: September 25, 2014. The Hoy Polloy live at Jazid on South Beach. We made this ridiculous amateur looking flyer with cutouts from Panthers horror book and photocopied 100 copies. Inviting people to a hole in the wall dance club that had a notorious reputation for being a smokers haven. We owe so much to Tony for being an understanding owner. He saw these kids eager as shit to begin their journey on the live stage and he gave us the platform to rid ourselves of the beginners' mistakes.

Who is the best musician in the band?
Panther: The four of us together

Have any of you ever seen a ghost?
Panther: Parrot says there was a ghost in his old apartment. It would write him songs and leave the tab sheet in the morning.

What's your favorite and least favorite Miami venue?
Francisco Padilla: Favorite is Kill Your Idol on South Beach. A home away from home for us. Shout out to Travis and the team for their undying support of The Hoy. Least favorite is The Vagabond, Tobacco Road, The Stage, Will Call, and Grand Central. As of December 2016 they will all be but a memory away. Rock in peace.

Why do you think it is that so many live music venues are closing in Miami?
Lameiro: The demand does not exceed the supply. There's plenty of room in Florida to expand its way of life and its appeal. I'm okay with the big buildings going up but at least equally facilitate the recreational areas with live music on every block. Give our business owners a helping hand.

Do you write your music on drugs? coffee? or natural style?
K Sos: All the elements surrounding us have their influence on our music — all of them play significant roles. It's how we reflect on the information we absorb every day. Oh yeah, and for the younger audience reading this material, practice is the best way to write music.

If you could have anyone in the world come to your show, who would it be?
Jack White, Elton John, Lionel Richie, and Kanye West — the headliners when we all went to Bonaroo 2014 together. It changed our lives and we would like to repay them.

Are you voting for Trump?
I heard he pays for followers on Instagram so I'm going to go with no. 

The Hoy Polloy. 10 p.m. Wednesday, September 23, at Kill Your Idol, 222 Española Way, Miami Beach; Admission is free.
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