The Crumbs' I Fell in Love With An Alien Girl

The Crumbs

I Fell in Love With An Alien Girl 7"

(Recess Records)


Admittedly, I had some grandiose ideas for this Blast From the Past. But now that I am thick in the drink and have spent the better part of the last hour grinding my needle into the beautiful marble-grey grooves of this delicious seven-inch, I can honestly say that I do not care to try and achieve some bullshit diatribe about South Florida's punk rock scene.

Nah. I don't care. I give up. Why? Because this little record from 1994 is as good as it gets for nine and half minutes of punk rock. A seven-inch slab of wax is only as good as the amount of times it takes to get off the ass and flip.

And then flip again.

Back in the high school hell of the early to mid '90s, my good friend Tanya became a fan of this band and she got me hooked. She had the foldout Kinko's-printed poster tacked over her wall. We played that record over and over, and obsessed over the Ramones influence and the leather jackets in Miami and the '57s and '77s and heys... It was a great time to be alive.

And for those memories, I will always thank them, without going into crazy, record-collecting-nerd particulars here. The Crumbs were the affordable and intelligent middle ground for those of us who sought the yesteryear of the Eat, Reactions, Charlie Pickett and the Eggs, and Critical Mass before people eventually took note of South Florida's excellent punk rock scene. The Crumbs inspired many acts and left a wave of rock 'n' roll excess in their wake.

As for I Fell in Love With an Alien Girl, the opening title track is naïve and delicious if you spy Lisa FarOut as the alien girl model on the cover. "One, Two, I'm Sicka You" was great on the one-inch badge that came with the record and it was proof positive that you can be a snot into that good night. Do not go gently. Never!

"(Oh Yeah Baby You Make Me) Rock N Roll" is all about being rock 'n' rolled like shake and bake -- sweet, pure and with good hooks. And then "(Yer) Stuck on Me (Like Glue)" was an affirmation of the Crumbs' love for parenthetical usage and a vis-a-vis take on apologies and losing control.

This seven-inch is still available from Recess Records if you like the wax. But you can also score the songs by snatching up a copy of the CD compilation Hold That Shit Right. As much as I'd like to go into drunken particulars .... Just make sure you catch the Crumbs tonight as they celebrate a special South Florida holiday -- April Pool's Day!

Download: The Crumbs' "One, Two I'm Sicka You"

The Crumbs with Pool Party, Flees, and Enough! Friday, April 1. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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