The 20 Richest Rappers: From Pitbull to Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Kanye, Jay-Z, and Dre Day

As the country sits waiting for the release of a certain Welsh cake eater's tax returns, other high-profilers are happy to let the whole world know how swole their pockets were this year.

Forbes released its latest list of haha-they-have-more-money-than-you musicians. And this time, we're talkin' the 20 richest rappers in the game.

For the most part, the list is no different than 99 Jamz's average drive-time playlist. But who on the list may surprise you?

20. Tech N9ne: $6 million, tie

Fuck all those mainstream whores, you don't have to sell out to cash out. Tech N9ne worked his ass off, booking and performing almost 200 shows this year, and his indie signees kept the cake and rhymes flowing.

20. Timbaland: $6 million, tie

This is Timba's sixth year in a row on the Forbe's Cash Kings list. Dude's been working hard on an album, a sparkling liquour, and obviously still gets royalty checks for "Get Ur Freak On."

20. Akon: $6 million, tie

If your chain is the color of Akon, that shit is made with emeralds. He's stacking dollars to the ceiling from tours, productions, his own label and clothing line. Oh, and rumor has it he's got his own diamond mine in Africa. 'Cause he takin' over.

19. Mac Miller: $6.5 million

This dude isn't even old enough to do a beer bong, but he's making mad moves on the charts and on the social ladder. He's already got an endorsement with Mountain Dew, wtf?

16. Young Jeezy: $7 million, tie

Riding on more than 500,000 sold copies of his latest album, tours and a clothing line, this chart-topper is working hard to carve himself a spot on the list. Plus, Obama's got his back.

16. Pharrell Williams: $7 million, tie

Before Lil Wayne was rockin' skinnies and holding it down for the suburbs, Pharrell was lil skateboard P. The Neptunes man debuted Qream liqueur this year, because that's obviously trending in the rap world, and he continues to push his urban luxury line Billionaire Boys Club.

16. Swizz Beatz: $7 million, tie

She ain't got no money in the bank, but this motherfucker has pounds of it all over the place. One of the hottest producers in hip-hop snagged deals with Lotus and Reebok this year.

15. 50 Cent: $7.5 million

Not only did Fiddy survive this year, he blew it out of the water. Not Vitamin Water anymore, but still. His music, G-Unit fashions and video games, as well as his own line of headphones keeps his sitting pretty.

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14. Snoop Dog Lion: $8.5 million

Even though he changed his name, his routing number stays the same. "Nuthing But A G Thang" is still required listening for high schoolers, so his cake is going to stay bakin' for a hot minute.

12. Wiz Khalifa: $9 million, tie

Aha, you know what it is. Pittsburgh representing and smoking better than ever. Basically, college kids can't buy enough Wiz Khalifa hoodies.

12. Rick Ross: $9 million, tie

The Bawse earns enough running his unstoppable Maybach Music Group, not to mention his albums are big with everyone from b boys to gangsters to awkward hipster kids.

11. Pitbull: $9.5 million

You can try to exile him to Alaska, but he's still going to be the 305's Mr. Worldwide. Kodak and Dr. Pepper are all up on his junk, plus he's touring like he might not get tomorrow.

10. Ludacris: $12 million

This guy has his fingers in everything a rapper possibly could. He's got his own cognac, his own headphones, his own voiceovers, and his own acting roles. Wait, where's the Luda clothing? Room to grow?

9. Eminem: $15 million

Slim Shady is a long way from his violent introductions, but his album sales are still through the roof. People will be buying the Marshall Mathers LP like it's crack for the rest of forever. That's what it means to be a legend.

8. Nicki Minaj: $15.5 million

Call her a pop bitch, she can't hear you over her money. It's so tall, her Barbie's gotta climb it. Thanks Pepsi.

7. Birdman: $20 million

Lil Wayne's "daddy" is the big poppa of Cash Money Records, so you know he's enjoying himself these days. You pretty much can't turn on the radio, television or look outside without seeing one of his little babies.

6. Drake: $20.5 million

He started not to give a fuck and stopped fearing the consequences, and now he's richer than any other former Canadian child star on the planet. Well, okay just kidding. There's still Justin Bieber.

5. Lil Wayne: $27 million

Not even jail can stop this crazy man, because he's not a human being, or something. His Trukfit line of skater clothes, along with his endorsement from Mountain Dew have pushed him over the edge into the top five. We're pretty sure there's nothing Wayne wouldn't do for money, or for anything, at this point. Like, c'mon, he signed Limp Bizkit.

4. Kanye West: $35 million

Not bad for a college dropout. The Throne is hella comfy, 'cause it's lined with cash and perfect bitches. And did you know he designs Nike shoes?

3. Jay-Z: $38 million

The original Mr. Carter. He's got the hottest bitch in the game wearing his chain, plus he's got deals with Duracell, Budweiser and more.

2. P. Diddy: $45 million

Does this guy even make music anymore? Doesn't matter, because he's still making more money than almost everyone. He like, owns part of Ciroc.

1. Dr. Dre: $110 million

Dude shit on everyone on this list. He's literally twice the amount of Diddy and then some. All because you bastards can't get enough bass in your headphones. This is the millennium of After Math, fer real.

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