Ten Acts That Could Save EDM

Listen up, people. If you still think EDM is exciting and fresh, that's a sign you're a newb. The rest of us have been at this party way past our bedtimes, and we keep checking our watches like, "Are you done yet?"

But just when we were about to pay our tabs and head home for good, all these great acts came out with all these phenomenal releases. We had to do a double-take like, "Wait a minute! This is getting good!"

In the hope that innovation is not dead and copycats can't win, we're clinging to those glimmers of realness, those pillars of the funk, those envelope-pushers old and new, trusting that they'll lead us back to the promised land. If you're looking for a little more soul and a little less commercial garbage, keep an eye on these artists, and don't give up on the getdown. Not today.

Daft Punk

Daft Punk are legends for one simple reason: They always keep pushing forward. Never have they sat on their laurels and just phoned in an album because they knew they could. Every time they do something, it's groundbreaking. Often, audiences aren't quite ready for their latest installment until a couple of years after it comes out, and that's the sign of real visionaries. With their latest album, Random Access Memories, they once again leave expectation behind in favor of experimentation, and their message this time around is to remind dance producers that musicality is king. If more people go into the studio inspired by their prowess and attention to theory, we'll all be better off.


All right, now hear us out. We know this scream singer turned dubstep dynamo kind of became the poster boy for bangers, brostep, and a lot of shit that's probably not very good for dance music, but that's not his fault. Just because he was the innovator that spawned a million copycats doesn't mean he's anything like those guys copping his steez. Having spoken to the guy ourselves a few times, we can say without a doubt this guy is an artist, and he's always trying to bring his legion of often-ignorant fans onto his level. He really threw the crowd at Ultra for a loop with his Dog Blood performance, a new collaboration with fellow legend Boys Noize. And his latest EP, Leaving, again saw a change in style, mood, and technique. If he keeps pushing himself, he could be the guy who leads the bro-y hordes to greater things. He's pivotal in changing attitudes, and he's not afraid of change.

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