STRFKR, Chrome Sparks, Feelings, and Crowd-Surfing Astronauts at Grand Central Miami


With Chrome Sparks and Feelings

Grand Central, Miami

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Better Than: It was a Tuesday night. How did you spend yours?

At one point during last night's triumphant set by Starfucker (STRFKR), the bright lights that danced and coalesced behind band members cooled, and the stage was very suddenly crowded by the likes of a dancing Gumby, what looked like a Pokémon, an elephant, and an astronaut (Apollo era, not the Daft Punk kind), all of which proceeded to surf atop the waiting arms of the dancing fans that flooded Grand Central's cavernous hall.

The outlandish scene, perfectly soundtracked by Starfucker's unique brand of electro-pop, was just a standard Tuesday-night Starfucker-ing in Miami.

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David Von Bader