Spin Magazine Names Lil Wayne Rock Star of the Year

This one deserves to be debated for awhile. In a somewhat shocking proclamation, Spin Magazine, recently named current Miami resident Lil Wayne as Rock Star of the Year. It's a nice gesture but you've got to wonder if he's really earned it?

Before everyone jumps and curses Spin

for trying to stir up a little controversy, there are clear reasons on

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why Wayne is most likely deserving of the title. And it has nothing to

do with his guitar skills (or lack thereof). For starters, Wayne's

approach to hip-hop is about as conventional as Shawn Marion's jump

shot. He's showed no fear of crossing genres --  sometimes switching

between, rapping, singing, electro, and rock in his concerts.

Considering how conservative a lot of hip-hoppers are, you've got to

respect him for that.

There's also the sex, drugs, and

rock'n'roll lifestyle Wayne is synonymous with at this point. He's

usually high 24/7 and flaunts it at will. In a lot of ways, he's a lot

more like Jimi Hendrix (again, let's not talk guitar work) due to his

freedom of artistic expression and the public loves him for it.


Thom Yorke of Radiohead had a great year as did Chris Martin of

Coldplay. And plenty of other rockers did as well. It's a risky pick,

debatable for sure, but based on his sheer impact on pop culture in

2008 alone, I'd name Lil Wayne as rock star of the year as well.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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