Sext Me Maybe: Who's Selling the Carly Rae Jepsen Nude Pixxx?

The last time we heard about nude photos of Carly Rae Jepsen, her representatives were denying that any such photos existed, saying, "This is 200% NOT Carly."

So it shouldn't be surprising that a short time after supposed stills from a Jepsen sex tape surfaced, police have confirmed that someone is trying to sell a series of nude photos that is 201% DEFINITELY Carly.

Ever since the release of "Call Me Maybe," Carly had represented something pure and unconditionally likable, harkening back to a more innocent time when people used telephones to actually make calls.

But now the girl who would trade "pennies and dimes for a kiss" is about to become a fixture on every free porn site in the world. What fiend would do such a thing?

In an effort to help the police get back on the really important cases (e.g. the Minka Kelly sex tape), we here at Crossfade have compiled a short list of suspects who might be behind the crime.

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