Schoolboy Q Talks "Real Dark" Rap and Why Music Awards Mean Nothing

The bucket hat. It's been worn with such pomp by many of history's greatest and most influential men. There was Bob Denver on Gilligan's Island and Bill Murray in Caddyshack. But there is one actor who rapper Schoolboy Q insists wore it the best.

"Homeboy from I Know What You Did Last Summer," he says. "Just because he was killin' niggas, and it never came off."

And this man knows his hats. His headgear has become as synonymous with his image as a can (AKA bowler hat) was to Nate Dogg. Now, a year removed from his latest album, Oxymoron, which was nominated for a slew of Grammys, Q spoke with New Times about award shows, album covers, and his Black Hippy crew as he preps to perform at the first-ever Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami.

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Lee Castro