Rick Ross Joins Wingstop Chicken Franchise and Drops Maybach Munchies Mixtape

Miami rapper Rick Ross has announced a new development deal with chicken franchise Wingstop. The partnership makes a lot of sense for The Boss, who, according to his single "M.C. Hammer" is quite regularly "fiending" the chain's delicious wings.

Rozay told AllHipHop.com that, "After tasting Wingstop's signature lemon-pepper flavored wings in Miami, I knew this was a franchise I wanted to add to my investments."

Well, Crossfade couldn't be happier about this partnership as we love both the Teflon Don and Wingstop. Of course, Ross will be pumping snack-food bangers through the restaurant's sound system, while you scarf your grub. And we wouldn't be surprised if he took the opportunity to drop a smokin' hot Atomic Garlic Parmesan mixtape loaded with rappers from the hip-hop food pyramid just for the occasion.

Maybach Munchies Group presents

305 Street Vendors Vol. 1: Boss Sauce BBQ EP (Grilla Edition)

1. "B.L.T." feat. Styles P(izza)

2. "Rich Off Lo Mein" (Swizz Beets Remix) feat. Wacka Flocka Flame Broiled and Busta Limes

3. "Pork of Miami" feat. Cantaloupe Fiasco and Cheese Wiz Khalifa

4. "Maybach Munchies Part 2" feat. Lil Wing and DJ Khaled Green

5. "Poached and Braised in the County of Dade" feat. Sushi Mane

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