Rick Ross and MMG Tour With Meek Mill and Wale at Fillmore Miami Beach, December 5

Rick Ross

With Meek Mill and Wale

Fillmore Miami Beach

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Than: A Wednesday night devoted to making nonstop prank calls in which you pretend to be DJ Khaled.

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The proceedings were expertly paced. Rather than trudge through redundant solo sets, Meek Mill and Wale simultaneously performed opening duties, and then began to plug the Bawse in and out in a giant set-length medley of hooks, guest verses, and remixes.

When Ricky Rozay made his grand appearance (courtesy of a rising platform flanked by some serious pyrotechnics), it was like Romans getting a glimpse of Caesar. Men raised their mixed drinks and blunts, while ladies shrieked every time the Bawse asked them to.

Speaking of blunts, the Fillmore Miami Beach had clearly beefed up security with regard to the sweet leaf. During rap concerts, the floor in front of the main stage can greatly resemble a Miami version of Cheech and Chong. And last night was no different, aside from a handful of shined flashlights and shouts of "Put it out now!"

However, the closer you got to the stage, the thicker the pot smoke grew. Behind the haze, Rick Ross threw his gargantuan frame into thick-tongued poetics that he barked like a rabid dog. DJ Khaled ran out for some guest verses, most notably a full-throated rendition of "All I Do Is Win."

Ross's vocals were notably live and notably robust. That's what separates him from so many other rappers: In addition to being a rhyme spitter and a persona, the Bawse is also a vocalist. And last night his performance hinged as much on his signature delivery as it did the onstage fireworks and his bling flashing in the stage lights.

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Gs, OGs, HBCs, Rick Ross look-alikes, DJ Khaled look-alikes, a smattering of bros, teenagers bickering over a blunt, two children wearing a lot of bling, mafia LARPers.

From the Crowd: Above their faded heads hung a cloud thicker than urban smog and more cosmic than psychedelic swamp mist.

From the Stage: "You know, we make this look simple. But, really...it's "So Sophisticated."

Is Your Refrigerator Running? LISTEN!!!!

Rick Ross's Partial Setlist:

-"Hold Me Back"


-"Pop That"

-"All I Do Is Win"

-"I'm On One"

-"Here I Am"

-"Lemme See"

-"Aston Martin Music"

-"Diced Pineapples"



-"Yella Diamonds"


-"Take It to the Head"

-"Bag of Money"

-"Face Down"


-"Born and Raised"

-"JT Money"

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