Psychic Mirrors 12-inch-single release at Bardot September 10

We are badass. We are some of the freshest people in the country. Some of the most colorful, smartest, and funniest." This is how Psychic Mirrors frontman and mastermind Mickey de Grand IV describes Miami.

But de Grand is very humble too. He's more likely to talk to you about you than he is to hype his band's upcoming 12-inch record, his many years of music education, his ability to play dozens of instruments, or Psychic Mirrors' show this Saturday. "When someone is constantly pushing their music on me, that makes me feel icky. I get it, bro. But if you're good, shit comes to you."

At rehearsal, de Grand is a teacher, a leader, and a perfectionist. But he's never a dictator. "I try to give them as much respect as they give me — which is tenfold. I love my whole group like they're my family."


Psychic Mirrors 12-Inch-Single Release

11 p.m. Saturday, September 10, at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-7750; bardotmiami.com.

Psychic Mirrors is good enough to blow up nationwide. But de Grand and fam love the Magic City. They just want to keep Miami fresh, dance floors hot, and minds open. Moreover, de Grand is not too concerned if the rest of the country gets it or not. Like he says, "I don't give a fuck. I just don't care. I'm just trying to do something for my town, my city."

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.