Pitbull Wants Us to Go "Krazy"

Hey Pitbull, we sincerely hope you read this post. Not because we want to bash you. In fact, you sort of like you. When you commanded us to shake our "culo" we gladly obliged, and when you teamed up with the Ying Yang Twins to simply command us to "shake" trust us we where with you. But now that you are asking us to go "krazy" (with "k" for heaven's sake) we aren't sure we want to follow you this time.

Where does "Krazy" go wrong? Ugh, the question is where doesn't it go wrong. From sampling Federico Franchi's "Cream," which gets annoying 20 seconds into the song (trust us, we timed it), to pairing up with Lil' Jon, who still seems to be stuck in "crunk" mode, the track is a mess. Come on, really Pitbull, we know you can do better than this. We want to show you love, but this isn't going to cut it. Unfortunately, the video for the song, which looks like it was amateurishly made with iMovie, doesn't help.

Pitbull isn't the first urban artist to sample Franchi's track. After the jump, French hip-hop group TTC do justice to "Cream" in their remix of "Travailler."

-- Jose D. Duran

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