A little change of venue can't stop the Peach Fuzz party.
A little change of venue can't stop the Peach Fuzz party.
Amadeus McCaskill

Peachfuzz Switches Venue Once Again

Hold on to your party hats. Peachfuzz is moving one more time.

Miami's beloved monthly Friday-night party is riding high on three successful rounds of wild functions at the Thompson Hotel. Guests have included your girl, Rae Sremmerd, Robb BankS, and other hip-hop notables, which usually means things are going smashingly well, but the Thompson recently switched ownership and is undergoing a rebranding, and Peachfuzz is moving into the Basement at the Edition.

Obviously the Edition is a fucking excellent venue,” says Peachfuzz co-founder and resident DJ DZA. “It's probably the best venue in Miami for what we want to do… If I could have been at the Edition at the get, I would have been there.”

DZA actually is there every Wednesday night for Basement's weekly Jelly party, and he often makes an appearance behind the decks at Boombox Saturdays. He and the PF crew know the lay of the land well over there, and that gives them a bit of home-field advantage, but it's important to the Fuzz that its little house-party-at-the-club stays special.

“We're taking over the club and doing a lot of things with it,” he promises. “One of the conditions is that they let us move the [furniture from] the dance floor and do something really cool with it. I liked how we had the lighting at the Thompson… It can be a little dark at Basement sometimes, and we want it to be a little more colorful.”

DZA (left) and friends will be there. Will you?
DZA (left) and friends will be there. Will you?
Amadeus McCaskill

So it's going to be even more bare than usual, mostly dance floor, and a lot more colorful. We're going to go out on a limb and say it'll be more hype, too, because shit usually gets pretty primo when Peachfuzz Friday comes around.

“We have so much momentum from the last three,” DZA says. “I'm really excited.”

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This Friday is the move-in celebration, and it's also DZA's birthday. He's hitting the ones and twos alongside Seattle's Roctakon, one of DZA's “favorite DJs of all time.” There's also a guest performance planned that's so special and so massive, DZA won't tell us what it is.

As always, the party is free to attend, which means more change in your pocket to put toward drinks. The Basement's popular ice skating and bowling alley will be available for play, but it's the dance floor that steals the show at this get together, and of course, there are no rules.

“The only thing we suggest is come early,” DZA says. “It can get crazy.”

Peach Fuzz, with DZA, Roctakon, and special guests. 11 p.m. Friday, April 29, at The Basement at the Edition Hotel, 2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-257-4500; basementmiami.com. The party starts at 11 p.m. and admission is free. 

Correction: A previous version of this story said that the Thompson closed permanently. While the Thompson is no more, the space is still open under new ownership, and is now known as The Confidante.

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