Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine could totally hear you at Governors Ball, you guys.
Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine could totally hear you at Governors Ball, you guys.
Photo by Jason Speakman

Overheard at Governors Ball 2015

There were times when the distortion/bass/jangling riffs achieved deafening strength at Randall's Island over the course of Governors Ball, and then there were some quiet, intimate or otherwise turned-down moments in between songs and in the space between stages where festival fiends said some of the goofiest, dumbest and weirdest stuff we've heard in a public setting.

STDs! How to say "yogurt" with an Icelandic accent! Kiss! No topic was left unbroached, so when we were giving our ears a breather, we compiled a list of the most absurd things overheard at Governors Ball 2015.

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Weird Al Yankovic at Governors Ball 2015.
Weird Al Yankovic at Governors Ball 2015.
Photo by Jason Speakman

"Turn it up to 11!" - Said in earnest during J. Roddy Walston & the Business' sound check.

"SHARON HAVE MY BABIES!" - One giddy fan shouting while Sharon Van Etten turned her guitar.

"HIS BABY STARTED WALKING TODAY!" - An equally giddy Sharon Van Etten shortly after introducing guitarist Doug Keith.

"I SWEAR ON THAT HALO I DO NOT HAVE SYPHILIS" - An exasperated girl pointing at the ring of balloons floating above the field by the main stage during Florence + The Machine's set.

"Ooorayoooooh." - Someone doing their best Björk impression.

"I think you have to be high to enjoy this." "She sounded more Australian - ask her to say 'yogurt.'" "I give her a C+." - Björk couldn't catch a break on Randall's Island, apparently, even as far as her snacks were concerned.

"The bird in hand is better than bush!" - A bunch of dudes walking back to the subway who would be totally mortified if their mother suddenly started frequenting festivals.

"We skipped prom to go to St. Vincent!" - Coolest Teenagers Ever.

Hanging out at Governors Ball 2015.
Hanging out at Governors Ball 2015.
Photo by Jason Speakman

"Yeah Ringo! You're killing it, Ringo!" - The audience was very encouraging for Death From Above 1979's drum tech as he warmed up the kit.

"Someone definitely got fired yesterday..." - Deadmau5's insane new stage setup is almost as memorable as the time his insane new stage setup blew a fuse.

"I've got to take a picture - my 7th grade friends would love this" - Overheard in a coffin, because we are all so old that we're deceased.

"Do you think he's going to play any Oasis songs?" - Someone who's apparently never seen Noel Gallagher before.

"I HATE BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. THAT'S WHY I HATE THIS." - Zack Morris' millennial doppelgänger ditching his girlfriend at Ryan Adams to go watch Deadmau5.

"I know you had the choice to see Kiss or us, so thank you! Although if Kiss were playing, we'd all be over there, right?" - Ryan Adams working his comedic chops.

"DIPLO SUCKS! DIPLO SUCKS!" - Just another congenial chant during Deadmau5's set.

"Jack Kerouac!" - Shouted during a spirited game of giant Jenga.

"Florence has a great voice, but Adele takes your heart and squeezes it like a ball" - Just some guys talking about #feelingz during Florence + The Machine.

"SBTRKT? How do you say that?" - Confusion ensues at Björk.

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