Nora En Pure Returns to Miami on Her Latest U.S. Tour

“My mom and dad don’t like dance music, but they like mine,” Nora En Pure tells us.

Mom and Dad might like their daughter’s music if she were scraping forks on a chalkboard, but point taken. Nora En Pure went on to add that other nonravers and PLUR types typically appreciate her deep-house grooves as well. Perhaps it’s her commitment to producing with the piano, keyboards, strings, and tropical instruments that gives her music broader appeal. We’re talking about actual musical instruments here.

"I've always listened to a lot of rock bands," she says. "I like live instruments. I like musicians that sweat and get involved when they play." Daniela, AKA Nora En Pure, is a musician first, dance music music producer second, and DJ third. She’s coming to America and the first of her four tour stops is right here in Miami on Thursday night at our pick for this year's Best Dance Club, Do Not Sit on the Furniture

South African-born and Switzerland-raised, her rework of “True,” the '80s classic by Spandau Ballet, is supersilky smooth. When she drops it on Thursday night at Do Not Sit, be sure you have someone within arm's reach for a make-out session. She made the rounds in Miami during Winter Music Conference in 2014 and 2015. This year, she partied, let her hair down a bit, and was still able to make it for her set at Ultra Music Festival, something her male counterparts have struggled with.

She likes to produce melancholic, groovy, deep-house music but will be feeding off the crowd on Thursday night. Give her energy and she’ll give it back — to an extent. EDM favorites like remixes of “Where Are Ü Now” or “Animals” aren’t on the show's forecast. "The line between what fans expect and a musician's desire to experiment and do new things can be challenging," Nora says. "It's a balancing act."

Her original, “U Got My Body” and her remix of Me & My Toothbrush’s, “One Thing” currently sit on Beatport’s Deep House Top 10 list. In February, Pete Tong praised her work before playing her 40-minute, “After Hours Guest Mix” on BBC Radio 1. At 24, she’s doing well for herself and joining the ranks of great female DJs such as Baby Anne, DJ Irene, Cassy, and Annie Mac. If Nora had a twin, Nervo would have a problem on their hands.
Nora En Pure isn’t part of the manufactured bikini-babe DJ invasion; she’s a musician who happens to be attractive. Don’t hold her good looks against her. Asked to comment on the work of the well-known hotel heiress DJ, she offered this, “Paris Hilton’s good at making money.” In a failed attempt to start a “Nora En Pure vs. Paris” DJ beef, the goodhearted Nora left it at that. It must be her kind South African spirit that's holding her back. She did tell us that friendliness is more profound and people mean what they say in her home country. Which made us ponder, why in the hell does she like it here in Miami?

You want to believe that all DJs are trashing hotel rooms and raging around the world, but when Nora’s home in Zurich, Switzerland, she likes to chill, watch movies, and cook with family and friends. Sorry to disappoint.

Her first of four U.S. shows gets going Thursday night at Do Not Sit On The Furniture; Friday she’s in Southampton, New York, and Philadelphia (two cities in the same day), and she’ll celebrate America’s independence on the Fourth of July in Los Angeles before heading home to Zurich for more movies and cooking with the fam. Look for new music — like the recently released Into the Wild EP — and interesting collaborations in the coming months from this talented and emerging artist. Just don't expect to see her behind the booth in a bikini. 

“I don’t respect female DJs that play half-naked," she says. "They’re not really establishing a good image. Women have a great feel for melody and rhythm — just make good music.”

Shots fired, Paris.

Nora En Pure. 10 p.m. Thursday, July 1, at Do Not Sit on the Furniture, 423 16th St., Miami Beach; 510-551-5067; Tickets cost $15 via

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