​Local rapper Swazy Styles' made-for-summer jam "Birthday Suit" is definitely a polarizing song. The title alone looks ludicrous on paper, for one thing, and then there's the fact that the song is built on a maddening, note-for-note sample of the Tetris theme song. Still, the song's mash-up of tinny dance music and party rap seemed tailor-made for Power 96 playlists. And lo and behold, it's now airing several times a day on that and other local stations -- and blasting out of nearly every party boat in local waters, it seems.

MP3: New Version of Swazy Styles' "Birthday Suit," Now Featuring Lil Jon

We got an e-mail yesterday about the song with the subject line "LIL JON NEW SUMMER SMASH!" and opened it, thinking it was something off Jon's new album, Crunk Rock. Actually, it was a re-do of "Birthday Suit," this time featuring a few guest lines from Lil Jon. (If you thought that was him yelling on the original version of the track, it actually wasn't; it was a cheaper imitator or something. 

In all honesty, the new contribution sounds like a bunch of generic mixtape-style drops; you'd think an actual guest star would at least yell the words "birthday suit" or something. So we have no idea how involved Jon was with the making of this track ... Which you can download for free below, if you dare, courtesy of Swazy Styles' label, VIP Music.

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