Mixtape Of The Week: Ice Berg - Strictly For The Streets 2: Color On Color (Hosted by DJ Obscene & Sam Sneak)

A little while ago, we posted a track by Ice Berg called "Stop Look & Listen," which was meant to be a teaser for this then-upcoming mixtape Strictly For The Streets 2: Color On Color. 

On July 4 exactly at midnight, the tape was released, and in minutes garnered hundreds to thousands of downloads.

Ice Berg is one of Miami's most promising new names in the industry. Mainly known from his associations with Trick Daddy's Dunk Ryders, he's gained quite a following, with loyal fans who go the distance to support him and his music. 

Strictly For The Streets 2, which is, as the title indicates, a sequel, boasts some 27 tracks, both original productions and new raps over industry beats.

Ice Berg teams up with DJ Obscene and DJ Sam Sneak to bring forth his message -- which is, of course, one of telling the whole world that he's one the best coming out of Dade County. In other words, he has hopes of being the rap game's "number 23" as he says on the track "Lay Low (Freestyle)."  

Ice Berg definitely gets his hands in with a couple freestyles over tracks like Eminem's "Not Afraid," Kanye's "Say You Will," and even The Fugees' "Ready Or Not." He's versatile with the beat selection, but it still all works together for fans' listening pleasure.

No word yet if we're getting a third installment of Strictly For The Streets, but Ice Berg has used this one to measure his popularity with the streets and solidify his status as one of the best new artists. Download the mixtape below.

Download: Ice Berg - Strictly For The Streets 2: Color On Color mixtape

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