"Miami Cubonics": A Ten-Word Guide, According to Palo!'s Steve Roitstein

Te gusta Papa Yon?

On August 16, Miami's favorite Afro-Cuban funk band, Palo!, will be throwing a free party at PAX celebrating their 10th anniversary with tons of free giveaways from Car2Go, Azucar Ice Cream, El Rey de las Fritas food truck, and all kinds of other stuff. The concert will be filmed and recorded for a live album and live DVD, as well as a PBS documentary by Emmy-winning filmmaker Joe Cardona.

Of course, though, it's also gonna be a celebration of Cubanismo en general. Because, as band founder Steve Roitstein says: "The thing I enjoy most about Cuban culture is that they know how to have fun, they know how to party, they appreciate flavor and sabór. That is a good way to live."

And as evidence of the Cuban people's verve and influence, just consider the long list of Miami Cubonics that have been adopted by the entirety of Dade County. Here are Steve's ten favorites.

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