III Points Festival

Method Man and Redman Will Perform at III Points 2016

How high are you?

It's April 20, the international stoner holiday, and we're hoping you replied simply, “Wait... what?” We hope you've been blazing since the sun rose, and we hope you're going to stay high until you inevitably pass out.

But if you thought your 4/20 couldn't get any better, we have some really fantastic news for you Miami stoners — and hip-hop heads in general — but mostly for total bud addicts.

Method Man and Redman will perform at III Points in 2016, and you can purchase tickets now via ticketfly.com.
Do not attempt to adjust your computer screen (what does that even mean?). Just thank the ganja gods, pack another bowl, and listen to a really long Meth and Red playlist. You've got about five months to prepare for what is sure to be a legendary set from two of the smoothest-hitting rhymers to ever grace the game. This is a Wu-Tang/Def Jam presentation specially designed to lift “Y.O.U.” to funkier dimensions.

We don't know if you know, but the III Points crew is very 4/20-friendly. The team is celebrating the announcement at this afternoon's III Joints event at the Anderson. It's also extending a special flash sale of early-bird Prophet Passes. For the next 44 hours, those willing to “invest in the future” can nab three-day passes for $88 plus fees.

All jokes aside, it's time to hop in your truck and roll up the window. Don't choke, and don't get caught slippin' when these two take the stage in early October. “Because I got high” will not be an excuse. Not today.

III Points, with Method Man and Redman, October 7 and 8. Prophet Pass tickets are available today through Thursday morning for $88 plus fees. Visit iiipoints.com.
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