Looking for That Ooh-Aah Feel"">

Mattress Giant Jingle Gets X-Rated 305 Remix: "Looking for That Ooh-Aah Feel"


Whether you were a kid sitting down to cartoon time or a middle-aged perv prowling late-night TV for phone-sex ads ...

We all just couldn't stop singing that orgasmic Mattress Giant jingle: "If you're looking for that ooh-ahh feel, come to Mattress Giant/When you want that ooh-ahh deal, we've got the best price/For that ooh-ahh bed, it's only at Mattress Giant."

The Miami-founded chain store went defunct in 2012. But now that "ooh-ahh" shit's got an X-rated remix, thanks to the 305's Niko Javan.

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In 1983, Mattress Giant was launched in South Florida by a man named Sam Capps.

The chain eventually grew to 360 stores in 14 states across America. And according to a 1997 article entitled "Mattress Giant's got 'em singing," over 70 percent of people polled "could complete the jingle."

Like the rest of the U.S.A., Niko was singing in his sleep too. "I just remember that their jingle sounded hard as fuck."

But it wasn't the catchy tune alone that made MG's beds famous. It was "that feel" in the voice of the lady making those "ooh-ahhs."

As Niko says, chick wasn't simply supercomfy. "She was most definitely something else, sexual."

Dropping a double cup of purple sizzurp and some skillful studio chop-shoppin' on the original, Niko's turnt up the explicitness (and trippiness) of homegirl's groans from PG-13 to X.

But why did he suddenly start feeling that Mattress Giant jingle and decided to remix it? Well, the O'Grime rap crew member and DJ-producer (who's been featured by Diplo's Mad Decent and Skrillex's OWSLA) claims ...

"I got a call in the middle of the night, and a mysterious voice told me to remix the jingle or I will suffer a horrific fate. So I did it. I think it was the mattress dude from the commercials, which I also believe is the same dude as Mr.Clean, but with a spray tan."

As for his ultimate MG ambitions ...

"I just wanted a version that would bump in the club, 'cause I love the song so much," Niko says. "And I want to hear it blasting on Ultra fest's main stage."

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