MagnetaPicks, "World's First Magnetic Guitar Pick," Invented by a Miami Guy

The average rock 'n' roll animal, whether amateur or pro, is a totally absent-minded beast. He or she will always be late to the gig, forget to fill the gas tank, and constantly misplace gear.

Sometimes, booze can be blamed. Others times, too much hydroponic herbal relaxant. Most often, though, it's simply a matter of human nature. People are scatterbrained, disorganized, and prone to losing stuff. Especially tiny objects, like freaking guitar picks.

Thankfully, the world has Miami's own Mr. Joseph Risolia, the father of MagnetaPicks (Patent No. US 7,956,264), a new, exciting invention that's being billed as "the world's first magnetic guitar pick."

But, uh, does humankind really need this thing when there's already a regular version that seems to be working perfectly well?

Amused, Risolia just smirks and highlights the obvious, saying with a knowing lilt to his voice, "Well, musicians need MagnetaPicks to help them not lose their guitar picks. It's an extremely common problem."

Oh, right. We forgot. And then the inventor adds, "This pick is made with Neodymium, the most powerful magnet in the world. So it will stick to all ferrous metal," he pauses and smiles, saying, "It won't stick to aluminum objects," like your beer can, dude. "But almost all other metallic surfaces.

"It will stick to the guitar post or strings. You can even stick a bunch of MagnetaPicks to a metal microphone stand in case you drop one in the middle of a show."

"Essentially, it's a useful tool for novice or professional guitar players. But it also turns out to be a pretty neat collectible for fans," Risolia points out. "We've branded MagnetaPicks for different touring bands like Disco Biscuits and Nonpoint. And they've added them to merch tables."

Plus, believe it or not, there are also potential health benefits associated with Risolia's invention. "Any Neodymium magnet, if placed on your body, will increase blood flow to that area," the inventor explains. "For hundreds of years, many, many people have believed in the therapeutic powers of magnets. They've put them in a shoe, bracelet, or bed mattress."

Adding a quick verbal disclaimer, Risolia admits, "Now I'm not entirely sure about it. But we've already had guitar players say, 'I feel extra energy. My ability is increasing.'"

Whoa ... So not only will this product help prevent unnecessary property loss. It's also a magic plectrum that could conceivably turn you into a total axe master? "Oh, yeah, absolutely," Risolia laughs. "The minute you grip the MagnetaPick, you will be ripping it!"

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