Locos Por Juana: “The Passion We Have for Our Work Makes Us Stronger”

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Locos Por Juana formed in the year 2000 and in complete defiance of the then remaining concerns over the Y2K bug, forged on to become one of South Florida’s most successful bands. The two-time Grammy nominated band has continued to redefine itself as a myriad of musical influences have helped shape the band’s sound and focus.

Presently comprised of vocalist Itagui Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat and drummer Javier Delgado with a revolving door of musical accomplices for live ventures and recordings; Locos Por Juana (roughly translated into “crazy for the muse” – the “muse” being ladies, but with respect and in the classical romantic and poetic definition as the band points out) has traveled the bumpy roads of the music industry and find themselves now independently in control of their future.

Ahead of the New Times’ sixth annual Brew at the Zoo (BATZ) where the band will headline South Florida’s largest beer festival, we had a chance to catch up with Itagui to discuss their music and breaking away from a major label.

New Times: You guys have been around for 15 years now, what has been the secret for longevity and what keeps you going crazy for Juana?

Itagui Correa: Yeah my brother! 15 years… well the secret of Locos is the music because we love to do it. The passion that we have for our work makes us stronger and stronger every year that passes.

You guys have always reflected the mashup of cultures in South Florida, but what has influenced you beyond these geographical borders over the years?

Different cultures, different people and the joy they feel when they hear our music, which influences us to do good music!

Locos Por Juana’s sound description begs for a thesaurus to be used and for hyphenated words to be invented. In your opinion, what would be the best way to describe your sound to someone who has never heard you before?

It’s a Conscious Positive Party!

Process always interests me, what is the band’s approach to writing and recording music?

Well, our approach to write is simple. Most of the time we come out with the music first and the lyrics will find their place in the song, this is such a magical experience because melodies, harmonies and lyrics will appear just like magic.

Since breaking from Universal/Machete, how have you found your dealings with the music industry to be? Is label independence better?

The experience with Universal Music was cool, and we learned a lot from it, but we love being independent. We know the business really good and we are a band that works every year without the help of a major label. It makes us feel proud of our work.

When you guys rehearse, what kind of jams do you get into to shoot the shit and cut loose? Anything musically that you guys would like to head into that you haven’t already?

We love to jam! That’s one of the most important things, a band has to have a weekly jam session. We want to explore and make a reggae album in the near future just because we love reggae.

What do you have planned for the immediate future as far as touring is concerned?

We’re planning to ally with an independent label from Miami and release our new single pretty soon and we have an amazing tour starting in July that’s going to take us across the USA and Canada.

New Times Brew at the Zoo 2015 on Saturday, May 9, 2015 from  8 to 11p.m. at Zoo Miami, 1 Zoo Boulevard 12400 SW 152nd Street, Miami. Ticket packages cost $50 to $90. Call 305-571-7525 or visit miaminewtimes.com.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.