LMFAO's Sky Blu Reveals "I'm Coming Out With a Spanish Song," Latin Music Fans Shudder

You know what the Spanish-language music world needs? More LMFAO.

And luckily, after douching it up with Mexican "EDM" boy band 3BallMTY at last night's Latin Grammys, SkyBlu of currently-on-hiatus hip-pop visionaries Loving My Friends and Others revealed his new hobbies ... Fucking with Latin tunes and Rosetta Stone.

"I'm coming out with a Spanish song," Blu told Billboard. "It's kind of hush hush right now, but I want to be somebody who brings a great song to the culture. I'm going to work on more songs with 3BallMTY."

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Of course, the funny thing is the LMFAO co-founder's desire "to be somebody who brings a great song to the culture" implies that Spanish-language music sucks. Well, at least compared to LMFAO.

In any case, if you want a preview of how Sky Blu plans to rescue "the culture" from mediocre songcraft ... Just check out his entirely-in-English cameo at the Latin Grammys.

Or watch "3Ball Shuffle - LMFAO Mexican style!!," the mashup of "Party Rock Anthem" and "Intentalo" that's gotten 4,635,427 YouTube views.

Seriously ... Let's save Latin pop. More LMFAO.

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