Listen to the First Single Off the Galactic Effect's New EP

After attending this year's Burning Man in Black Rock Desert, it hit him. Miami's Galactic Effect (real name, unknown) finally understood what his upcoming six-track release needed. The “other-worldly” weeklong event gave him an opportunity to perform twice, showcasing a lot of unreleased as well as unfinished music during his sets. He's now working like a madman to finish his third EP.

“It's overwhelming to have what you created in your bedroom at home so well-received and loved by an audience that's enjoying your art form and symbiotically exchanging positive vibes,” he says, remembering his time in the desert fondly.

As of yet, neither an official name nor a release date has been determined for the upcoming album. Until then, Galactic Effect is giving us a taste with a sneak preview of one of the EP's songs. The track, titled “Sky Fortress,” will be one of the early tracks on the forthcoming release, giving listeners an idea of what the overall album will sound like.

Asked to describe the album, he says, “Punching beats and future bass rhythms combined with organic sounds from various world instruments, and vocal ensembles."

On this track in particular, he says, he incorporated a Turkish string instrument called the kemenche as the forefront of the melody. He then fused it with side-chained synthesizers and reverse bass frequencies for a “very airy effect.”

“I love the way of the symphony and how in modern days you can fuse it seamlessly with futuristic sounds,” he says. 
This style of music is known as “classitronica,” a genre that enthralls him. But as obsessed as he may be with the style, he says exploring the genre further in the new EP has proven challenging.

“The only challenge in finishing this release is finding the fine line between the music being cinematic and inspirational yet fun, groovy, and something people can dance to,” he explains.

At the end of the day, the Galactic Effect, who's been active in the Miami music scene since early 2014, just wants what probably every musician wants: for people to take the time to sit down and patiently listen to his music from beginning to end. He's aware this may be an unrealistic goal.

“I feel that a lot of our attention spans are limited by the amount of information we are constantly downloading into our brains, which can have a downside since art and music takes time to fully take in. We sometimes spend more time watching memes and funny six-second snippets on Facebook than journeying into art and music full force,” he explains.

With that said, sit back, relax, and let him take you to distant worlds and beyond. Like his Facebook page to stay updated with his upcoming EP.
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Junette Reyes is a Miami native multimedia journalist with previous writing credits at FIU Student Media, South Florida Music Obsessed, and WLRN. She generally prefers chilling with cats over humans and avoids direct sunlight to maintain her ghastly appearance.