Keyshia Dior Launches Secret Kisses, a New 15-Shade Lipstick Line

Unless you've been too busy lately to visit the interwebs, you know the name Keyshia Dior. Hell, we caught up with her last month for a little horseplay, so she's no stranger to Crossfade.

Keyshia started off with a starring role in Timbaland and Drake's video for "Say Something," and quickly became one of the most talked about women in hip-hop. And after an amazing year of magazine spreads, she was handed the much-coveted honor of being named XXL Magazine's 2010 "Eye Candy Of The Year."  

But the thing that's always set Keyshia apart is her impeccable sense of style.

With a last name like Dior, you set the bar pretty high. But still, she never disappoints. She's simply unafraid to take risks when it comes to the world of fashion. And now she's stepping into the world of business.

For months, Keyshia's mentioned that she's had a lipstick line in the works. A line of 15 shades under the Secret Kisses umbrella, it's been available for pre-order for the last couple months. And the launch is finally here.

After hooking up our own order of Secret Kisses product (Naked, Rockstar, and It's a Girl, if you care), Crossfade caught up with Ms. Keyshia Dior to discuss the line.

Crossfade: How has the response been so far to your Secret Kisses lipstick line?

It's much better than I expected. Let's put it that way. And I don't think it's fully hit me how great this line is going to be. It's been going so well so far. And that's just based off pre-orders. I haven't done any kind of marketing whatsoever. I haven't done my commercials or any other advertising yet. And the response has just been incredible.

So everything officially launched over Valentine's Day weekend, right?
The whole weekend, orders were starting to ship. So either on Valentines Day or sometime this week, customers will start receiving their orders.

And why did you choose Valentine's weekend? 
I wanted to originally launch the line on Christmas. But it wasn't ready. I knew I wanted the line to be released on a holiday. And at that point, the next best thing was definitely Valentine's Day. And the line is called Secret Kisses, so I thought it would be perfect, especially for the ladies. And so, here we are.

What was the motivation behind the line and the arsenal of colors?
I went out one night to a party wearing blue lipstick and the pictures from that night were posted on different blogs. Then from there, the comments and the emails I received after that were overwhelming. Everyone kept asking me where I got the lipstick from and where I bought it from. But then you also had other people that didn't like it. However, 95% of the people I ran into loved it. So I figured, why not create my own line?

What's planned next for the line and yourself?
Once the line kicks off and settles in, I will definitely have commercials and ad campaigns for it. I will definitely be the spokesperson and model for the line. But I also want to get another person, a celebrity, to endorse it with me. Also, I will definitely try and release another color by Mother's Day or so. And sometime soon, we'll have a party to celebrate the launch. After the lipstick line blossoms how I want it to, I will definitely restart the work on finishing a boutique in South Beach that I've working on opening.

Awesome. Staying busy! Before I let you go, though, I have to ask: How is Keyshia Dior's Valentine's Day looking?

[Laughs] Hopefully I'll have a nice date and a dinner. I don't have any plans just yet, but hopefully. [Laughs]

For more details on Secret Kisses Lipstick and purchase information, visit

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