Kanye West's Yeezus Tour: 14 Craziest Quotes From Miami

Anyone who says they want to see Kanye West and not hear a rant is a straight-up liar. Rants are part of the package, and we ain't about getting stiffed.

That being said, Kanye's words are always being taken out of context. And we want to make sure you get the full experience. So we here at Crossfade took a video of Mr. West's whole 20-minute, talk-my-shit-again antics. That way, you can hear everything for yourself.

But we also know that you're probably lazy. So we broke down the 14 best quotes.

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1:59 "Anybody here on they first date? Ima let y'all know, it's all downhill from here."

3:00 "I have to ask you one question, one little question, one little small little question, one little small little midget question, one little politically, uh, the correct way to say this is small-people question, one little super shorty small people question: Can I talk my shit again?"

4:19 "Is this what you came to get? Why do they love it when I talk that shit again? Why do they love it when I talk so much shit?"

5:57 "All I care about is God and my family, and tonight, y'all my extended family."

7:00 "You know what they told me? And I ain't sayin that it's a black or white thing, I ain't sayin that it's a gay or straight thing, I ain't sayin it's an American or French thing, but you know what they told me? They said because I'm known for music that no one would believe in me if I designed anything else. So the man that designed this motherfucking mountain can't design a t-shirt?"

9:30 "I'm meeting with the head of Louis Vuitton and you know what I told him? I want in. I want in. I want in. Or I'll make sure you never buy nothing again. I will make sure you never buy nothing again."

11:45 "You know what they told my nigga who owned the store down here? You know what they told my homie who owned the store up there? They said 'if you want the Yeezies, you've got to take ten other shoes from Nike.' That's called extortion!"

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12:35 "Why do I get in so much trouble for telling y'all the truth. If I get in so much trouble for telling y'all all the time for telling y'all the truth, then the rest of the time, what are they telling you? Or better yet, what are they selling you?"

14:00 "Have y'all ever had people tell you what you can and what you can't do, well I'm standing here right now to tell you dreams can come true, and I'm still dreamin. And I'll be kickin' and screamin'. And I'll be kickin and dreamin. I'll keep kickin and screamin'. Don't mind me for just screamin. Don't mind me for just screamin."

14:35 "Let me explain something to you. They try to tell you that I'm crazy, I'm not out of control, I'm just not in their control."

15:00 "And I give a fuck about TV, and I give a fuck about haters on the Internet, cause anybody hatin' on the Internet, I haven't seen them open up a motherfuckin' mountain yet."

15:27 "Any press is good press and I will use your energy and I will take it and use it against you, you ain't never seen nobody like me. I live this shit, I live it, I live here. I live here. I swim through backlash, I live here."

16:17 "I'm fighting for y'all. I swear to god, I'm fighting for y'all. And I'm sorry Pastor, I know I'm not supposed to say I swear to God. I swear to our Heavenly Father."

16:45 "Before I go, let me explain who I am. I am ??? I am Steve Jobs. I am Howard Hughes. I am Mandela. I am Malcolm X. I am JFK. I am Henry Ford. I am Michelangelo. I am Picasso. You know why? Because I'm all of you."

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