Surrounded by mountains of amps stacked and cranked to unhealthy heights, Jucifer can shatter half of generic modern metal's fibulas with just its feedback. The coed Atlanta duo literally rattles plaster loose, and drummer Edgar Livengood pounds the skins so hard he has broken his bones midset. The smash-riff-bash stoner rockers' third LP sees them completely abandon the borderline-pop that sweetened their 1999 debut and ditch the hardcore outbursts that gave 2003's I Name You Destroyer a haymaker wallop.

If Thine Enemy Hunger begins with the seven-minute slow-grind "She Tides the Deep" and picks up the pace song by song. In "Lucky Ones Burn," a lonely stretch of feedback creeks like a psychedelic experience that's taking a terrible turn, and the tune recovers just as quickly via breathy reassurances from go-go siren Amber Valentine. And the big, rough "Antietam" could be the sexiest nervous freakout ever caught on tape.

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