Jesus Christ Hypes Rap Crowd in Los Angeles

Jesus Christ is particularly busy these days.

The bearded leader of Christianity has been riding shotgun from shopping mall to shopping mall in the hearts of all his disciples 'round this 6,000-year-old planet that his dad built in six days, as the hyper-consumerist masses prep to celebrate JC's birthday on December 25.

Of course, he's also absolving their sins and recruiting as many heathens as possible to serve in pop's kingdom, Heaven.

But Christ even managed to hype the crowd at The Game's rap show last night in Los Angeles. How does homeboy find the time?

Peep the video after the cut.

According to Hip-Hop Wired, JC crashed The Game's set at the House of Blues simply to hang a diamond-encrusted Jesus piece around the West Coast rapper's neck, commemorating yesterday's release of Jesus Piece, the MC's fifth studio record.

But it wasn't your everyday, I-'bout-this-crap-at-the-flea-market-now-my-neck-is-starting-to-itch Jesus piece.

In fact, The Game's icy chunk may be the world's most expensive sacrilegious custom jewelry ever!

See, it's Christ rocking a diamond-studded crown-of-thorns and an identical, scaled-down platinum pendant of himself.

Get it? Christ on Christ, bitches.

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