Inspecter 7, Immoral Discipline, Askultura, and Die Trying in Miami: A 36-Photo Recap

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As Rev Sinister of Inspecter 7 explained, there's one place in America that gives Miami a run for its money in being dark and sordid. That's Asbury Park, New Jersey, the grimey land that the band basically comes from.

And from the first horn blow, guitar chop, kick drum, bass note, and sung lyric, they fit right in at Churchill's Pub, even though they haven't been to this city in 13 years.

Chairman of the sound board, Rat Bastard had the volume cranked to 11, and Washington D.C.'s Immoral Discipline, and the horny local punks of Askultura and Funkman's Inferno all played their hearts out for Die Trying's release show for their new Flatlands EP.

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Askultura are fucking awesome. Where some singers voices start in their throat and end at their lips, Askultura's singer's vocals seem to start in her toes and rush through her entire body like a flash flood of raw melody and power.

With 7 pieces on stage, including washboard, they filled the bar and club with a raucous force of rhythm.

Their bass and drums held strong throughout and kept the circle pit alive like a tornado.

And everybody in the world with an internet connection was able to see it live on the Churchill's live stream.

The diverse crowd included a tie dye dude who said something like "they were the best fucking band I ever saw."

Next up was Die Trying, Miami hardcore streetpunk heroes celebrating the release of their new EP Flatlands, a powerful album you can listen to again and again. While they got their shit set up, people drank at the bar and hung out.

It's a great place for a drink, lots of em', or none at all, even if you're the designated driver, the atmosphere is unparalleled and good.

Especially if you're there for the music.

With Tony on vocals, Andrew on bass, Charlie on drums, Los on guitar, and John on guitar and vocals, they packed the club with fans of lyrics, speed, aggression, and a conscience.

The people loved that shit.

And the band was fully in the zone too.

With songs about everything from life in the city to death in foreign countries, the live sound is enough to make you want to buy the CD and read the lyrics.

And because the stage is open to everyone, Tony invited up Rosa from Out Of Sorts to sing along.

When the band sang "Side By Side" they raised their fists and inspired unity.

They did Miami proud and are keeping hardcore punk and oi alive in the MIA.

Die Trying are an inspiration to the city.

Their next show is something to look forward to.

After their set, people drank and hung out while Immoral Discipline set up.

Local anti racist skinheads welcome.

And heroes of the working class too.

Finally Immoral Discipline hit the stage.

And from the first note to the last you could hear over 30 years of DC hardcore punk in their sound, especially Minor Threat and Bad Brains.

Pure and angry music filled Churchill's.

It's awesome that they came to South FL.

Next up came Inspecter 7, the motherfuckin' infamous yo.

With two singers, guitar, bass, keys, drums, trombone, and sax, they filled up the whole stage with people and gear, but more importantly all that people made all that sound that they've been perfecting over the last 20 years of being a band.

The show told a story, the story was fuckin hilarious, and because funny shit makes people laugh, damn near everybody had a smile on their face the whole time.

To top it off, their sax player is incredible.

And all the other instruments are too.

They played old shit, new shit; they had old fans, made new fans.

And by the end of a marathon set, the crowd was yelling "One more song, one more song, one more song!"

And sure as clockwork, they did it.

And they did it with heart.

And it made the people dance.

And at the end Rev Sinister said, "Thank you Churchill's, we promise we'll be back way fucking sooner than another 13 years." See ya next time Inspecter 7, thanks for a great show.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.