Inc.'s Andrew and Daniel Aged: "We're Trying to Get the Soul Out of the Body"

It's fitting that it should take a while to get the two brothers behind the hushed, soulful music of Los Angeles' Inc. out of their shells. They spoke in soft, halting voices over the phone during a conference call last week. It's a big contrast to the smooth, sophisti-pop neo-soul meets dream-pop stylings of their music.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Andrew Aged sings in a breathy, quavering, almost whispered voice. But his guitar work has a shiny, resonant, clean liquid luster with beats that echo or swing. Meanwhile, Daniel Aged brings throbbing bass work to the mix and a second set of pipes that add an extra layer of luscious quality to the mix.

Now they're headed to Miami for a debut live appearance. They promise a special late-night performance at The Stage. But first, you have to get them to loosen up a bit.

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