III Points Festival

III Points Announces 2016 Dates and Presale Tickets

Last year marked the third installation of our homegrown little festival known as III Points. "Everyone wants it to work," cofounder David Sinopoli told us in the months leading up to last year's III Points. "There are no real obstacles. After the first year, a lot of people came to the table and said, 'Awesome idea. How can we help?' There is an understanding if this does work, it's good for the whole city."

Sinopoli, along with cofounder Erica Freshman and director of production Ross LaBrie, had a specific vision for last year's festival, the most ambitious to date. It was going to be big. It was going to be local. And it was going to put the often-overlooked Miami music scene on the nation's radar.

And they pulled it off. Last October 9 to 11, III Points went off without any major hiccups, bringing national acts like Run the Jewels, King Krule, Nicolas Jaar, Panda Bear, and many more to town. But perhaps more impressive, III Points managed to maintain its strong local identity with no shortage of Miami-made talent: Kazoots, Poorgrrrl, and Plastic Pinks to name but a very small slice of the lineup, which featured 130 acts. 
When the third and final day of III Points ended in October, there was little doubt it had earned itself another year.

Today, III Points is announcing its 2016 dates: Friday, October 7, to Sunday, October 9. The festival is also announcing that presale Prophet Passes will be available next Monday, February 29, via iiipoints.com.

The lineup as well as the venue has yet to be announced, but if last year's event was any indication, it won't disappoint. 
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Ryan Pfeffer is a contributor and former Miami New Times music editor. After earning a BS from Florida State University, Ryan joined the New Times staff in November 2013 as a web editor.
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