From Merch to Memberships, a Holiday Gift Guide for the Miami Music Lover

Need help shopping for the Miami music lover in your life?
Need help shopping for the Miami music lover in your life? Photo by Monica McGivern
If you thought having a conversation with a music enthusiast was tough, good luck trying to shop for one. But what makes a Miami music lover unique is their loyalty and desire to grow their music community in any possible way they can. And if you can help them do that with a thoughtful gift, you’re bound to score some points.

From curated record stacks to books and posters, New Times has rounded up the complete Miami music lovers holiday gift guide.
click to enlarge Support your favorite musicians by purchasing their merch. - PHOTO COURTESY OF SUZI ANALOGUE
Support your favorite musicians by purchasing their merch.
Photo courtesy of Suzi Analogue

Buy merch

Local musicians' unwavering passion for their craft paired with a drive to put Miami on the map as a live music destination are feats to be admired. But since the pandemic has left countless musicians without a stream of income earned through playing live shows and touring, your support means more now than ever. Show up for these hardworking bands and artists by purchasing shirts, vinyl, cassettes, digital albums, and other miscellaneous merch directly from them. (Unfortunately, most artists earn very little from streaming.) Don't know where to start when it comes to buying something for the Miami music lover in your life? Look up their favorite bands and artists on Bandcamp or Instagram.
click to enlarge #SaveOurStages - PHOTO BY MONICA MCGIVERN
Photo by Monica McGivern

Bring Music Home poster

Music venues, their hardworking staff, and the show's promoters are the fabric of music scenes across the country. With no shows on the horizon, venues across the United States are in danger of facing the unthinkable. While an unfortunate amount have already been forcibly shut down, loyal music fans can take swift action and #SaveOurStages before it's too late.

Bring Music Home and Fine Southern Gentlemen have teamed up with local artists across the country to design city-specific, silk-screened posters that encapsulate the essence of their town. Miami's super-rad poster ($30), designed by Natasha Tomchin, is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a part of the local music community. One hundred percent of the poster sales will immediately benefit the National Independent Venue Association's Emergency Relief Fund (NIVA), whose mission is to "preserve and nurture the ecosystem of independent venues and promoters throughout the United States."

Bring Home Music is also working on a coffee-table book (a portion of the proceeds benefiting NIVA) and film that features exclusive photos and interviews from artists and venues from across the country captured during the pandemic. Purchase the Bring Music Home poster via
click to enlarge What's their vibe? - PHOTO BY MONICA MCGIVERN
What's their vibe?
Photo by Monica McGivern

Curated Stacks from Technique Records

Shopping for the beloved music snob in your life can be a daunting task. But when you have one of Miami's best record stores willing to do the work, you take them up. Keep in mind that this gift will require some recon. But the good news is you don't have to leave the house.

For a curated stack from Technique Records, the store will need to know your budget and your giftee's "vibe." Then, it will ship that super special stack of records accompanied with a personalized note. Curated Stacks from Technique Records start at $50 with free media mail shipping in the U.S. Purchase Curated Stacks via
click to enlarge Brian Butler live sketching Red Bull's 3 Days in Miami at 1306. - PHOTO BY IAN WITLEN / RED BULL CONTENT POOL
Brian Butler live sketching Red Bull's 3 Days in Miami at 1306.
Photo by Ian Witlen / Red Bull Content Pool

Show Drawn by Brian Butler

If you've gone to a show in South Florida in recent years, then it's more than likely you've caught a glimpse of illustrator Brian Butler doing his thing. Equipped with a sketchbook, you can usually find Butler in the corner of the room stealthy sketching all of the crazy shit happening in real-time. Whenever you see him, you can pretty much guarantee it's going to be a good show. And if you've made it into one of his drawings as a band or an audience member, consider yourself in the Miami music Hall of Fame.

For $30, you can gift a piece of music history with Show Drawn, a book of Butler's select live concert drawings and festival photography chronicling a decade of insanity around the country. Chances are, if you've swung from the rafters at Churchill's, you're in here. Purchase Show Drawn via
click to enlarge There's truly no better way to honor the music-obsessed than with a Sweat Records monthly membership. - PHOTO BY PAOLO SANTOSUOSSO
There's truly no better way to honor the music-obsessed than with a Sweat Records monthly membership.
Photo by Paolo Santosuosso

Sweat Records membership

For the last 15 years, Sweat Records has been a pillar in the city's music scene fueled by the passion of founder and co-owner Lauren "Lolo" Reskin and the store's incredible staff. From Sweat's all-ages shows and events to its vast new and used vinyl selection, it's safe to say that this independent record store is every 305 music fan's North Star.

Like many small businesses, Sweat Records counts on the community's loyalty and support to stay afloat. With Sweat Records' membership program, fans can show their support and gift a monthly membership to that special music lover in their life. Memberships range from $3.05 per month "305 Represent" to its $100 per month "Sweat Selects Vinyl Club Deluxe." Each tier comes with a special "membership drive exclusive" and a "thank you" on Sweat's site. There's truly no better way to honor the music-obsessed. Purchase the Sweat Records membership via
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