Ghetto Style, Piccalo's Business Partner, Talks Stick N Roll and Sticks N Drumz

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Desloc Piccalo is one of the most highly respected rappers in all of Dade County. And no, you can't stop his vibe.

"Stick N Roll" is one of his most popular tracks to date, and it was produced by none other than Ghetto Style, his manager and business partner in Loc & Grind Entertainment.

Here's what Ghetto Style had to say about the upcoming Sticks N Drumz album, his own history with Pocalik, and why you can always catch a Piccalo show in the MIA no matter the day, month, week, or year.

Crossfade: You're not just a manager, you're a producer too right?

Ghetto Style: Yeah. That's me that produced "Stick N Roll" for Pic, and the "Stick Drill" track for him as well. On his new album, I did "Tha's Right," "Give Me Your Love." The album is still not done. We're in the process of recording.

Do you record out of your own studio? Or at other ones in the area?

Basically, we have our own studio. But we also been to many different studios, and we also recorded some of the album at Flo Rida's studio.

How did you and Piccalo start collaborating?

Me and him been friends since the year 2000, 1999, somewhere around there. I was in a group called Pocalik. We had a number one video for like nine months on the Videomix channel, which was "For My Home." Pocalik, if you spell it backward, it's Kilacop. There was a lot of controversy about that. Anyway, I was recording him on songs. I did "Can't Stop." We worked together for a lot of years.

How did you get started with production?

All from being in the group. Basically, I went from being a DJ and then I got into producing.

Where did you record that "Vibin'" at?

That whole first album we recorded in our own studio.

You had a deal with Universal, right? Is the new album coming out independent?

It will be Loc & Grind Records with a marketing and distribution deal with a major. It's going to be called Sticks N Drumz.

How well is Piccalo know outside of Miami?

We do a lot of shows out of town. He's known in California, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, all over the U.S. He's done shows in Turks and Caicos , Brazil, Dubai, Mexico, Russia, everywhere. Anybody wants to book him for a show can contact bookpiccalo@gmail.com. He hasn't stopped doing shows in a decade, since he's had Big Money Ballers. There's not a month passes that we don't do a couple shows.

What's the next move?

Right now, we're pushing Drumz as far as we can push Drumz. We're trying to get that next level, that worldwide, not just the US, but to make music for everybody to enjoy, urban and pop charts. We're working on mixtapes as well that you can download on DatPiff.com, and we're currently shooting a bunch of videos for the upcoming album. You can also find Desloc Piccalo on Itunes.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.