Fresh Off His Sneaker Pimps Performance, Plus Givens Has a Story to Tell

Plus Givens has been a mainstay in local hip-hop circles for the last couple of years. He's in with the right people and he knows how to make quality music that's as versatile as it is enjoyable. A few years back, Plus made a strong impact with a Rahj-produced single called "9 To 5" that featured Rick Ross.

Beyond the music, though, Plus has always been tied heavily into the fashion side of things. Any event that is sneaker related, you will most likely see Plus Givens either performing or hanging out with the headlining artists backstage.

So it was no surprise when he popped up at this past weekend's Sneaker Pimps event. His surprise cameo kept the crowd excited as they awaited headlining stage shows by Wu Tang Clan's Raekwon and Miami's own Rick Ross.

We caught up with Plus Givens to see what he's working on and to pick his brain a little bit about himself.

New Times: If you can, give a little background about yourself and what Plus Givens is all about?

Plus Givens: Everybody has a story to tell so I guess that's what makes each person unique. Mine is an actual movie mixed with struggle, love, success, betrayal, failure, and doing it all over again. I think the people who appreciate my music will enjoy what I have in store as this thing builds. For now, I was born in Carol City, raised with a Rasta influence and attended a Christian School. I'm just a strong minded, take no prisoner, keep-away from-me-if-you-don't-know-yourself kinda person. And, I like to quote myself "Plus Givens" [Laughs].

How did you get involved with music?

My father was close friends with an International superstar the world has claimed to be a modern day prophet! All I can really remember growing up doing with my dad was going to record shops and studios. I mean, outside of taking the dirt bikes out by Joe Robbie Stadium [what it was called back then], music surrounded me as a kid. Fast forward a bunch of years, a friend of mine opened a studio when I left college and it became a hang out for me. And in it, I found my true love for music that was dormant.

Tell me how fashion and music intertwines for you since I know you dive in both worlds.

Fashion has always been that girl in my life that never stops calling and I just can't screen her. The two (fashion/music) go hand in hand. It was a pair of custom Air Forces I did that caught the attention of Lil Jon, and then got me on 106 & Park with him,. Then that grew our relationship to the point of him inviting me to Stankonia Studio to help me on my first project. I could go on for days, but that's how me and [Rick] Ross became cool and so many others. God Bless TREASON SPECIALS (The Realest Emerge After Survival Of Negativity).

What you're working on now?

I'm so in between myself, I want to put out Current Affairs (which is finished), but more ground work needs to be done. I'm thinking I'll do something with Miami's #1 mixtape DJ, DJ Got Now. We're working on some ideas as we're doing this interview.

Anything else you want to make sure you want to let our readers know?

Only Rasta can liberate the people over hills and valleys to don't let them fool you, don't believe for a minute that they are with you, Jah free the people over hills and valleys to don't let them fool you, don't believe for a minute that they don't like you, Why try to make I unhappy really I don't know if it was up to them my friend we would never see the sun or the snow through that mystical communication within we keep on coming together I love to see brothers and sisters looking out for one another THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE NOT CONTRARY STOP TEARING DOWN EACH OTHER. - Free Buju -

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