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Four swag suggestions for Odd Future's Adult Swim series, Loiter Squad

Four swag suggestions for Odd Future's Adult Swim series, Loiter Squad
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Over the past year, the members of the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All crew have gone from relative obscurity to total superstardom.

In September, they were slanging dick with supermodels at New York City's Fashion Week and headlining Alexander Wang's frat-themed closing party while Tyler the Creator spilled drinks on "ugly-as-fuck" designer shirts. The next month, they raged into Miami for a Halloween bash as part of their first full U.S. tour. And now they're swaggin' the States for the second time in six months.

Later this month, the Odd Future freaks will finally broadcast the first episode of their Adult Swim series, Loiter Squad, a 15-minute, live-action comedy show developed by Tyler and crew that'll feature sketches, pranks, and music. We're mad excited and even thought about some skits and pranks we'd be totally willing to sell Tyler, Taco, Jasper Dolphin, and L-Boy.

Tyler's Wiener Stand. Set Tyler up with a hot-dog cart and have Odd Future's capo serve boiled members for LOLz. Don't tell the people what they're eating; just let them bite into the hot dog and find a pubic hair.

Taco's Shitty Tacos. Here's the deal: Taco owns a ghetto taco shop, and Tyler, Jasper, and Lionel Boyce all work there. In each installment, the crew members try to outdo one another by breaking sanitation laws in the weirdest way possible. Maybe Taco craps in the ground-beef tray or Tyler clips his toenails with the meat slicer.

Jasper Dolphin Meets Jasper the Dolphin. Jasper Dolphin befriends a dolphin named Jasper. The two swim across the Pacific and fight off the evil Samoans holding Earl Sweatshirt captive. Free Earl!

Tyler Commits Suicide. Every episode of Loiter Squad should end with Tyler committing suicide. Not real suicide, just pretend suicide. Maybe he'll hang himself during the credits or stab himself in the throat with a ballpoint pen. For shits, maybe run a PSA disclaimer after the episode saying, "If you or anyone you know needs help, kill yourself." And then blast "Radical."

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