Since 2006, Josh Young and Curt Cameruci have been making crowds dance their asses off from coast to coast, as well as overseas. As Flosstradamus, they've given the remix treatment to huge indie acts such as Matt & Kim and Mates of State. Meanwhile, their own original output has been small; there has been only one official Flossy track, "Big Bills," released in the four years they've been together. It's obvious Young and Cameruci aren't really about producing music. However, to see them live is to know that getting a dance floor packed takes a lot of work.

The formula might be simple — party tunes equals party vibes — but if it were that easy, everyone would be a DJ. Flossy proves that the job requires being a bit more heavy-handed behind the decks. Their sets are equal parts nostalgia mixed with whatever the kids are downloading from the Hype Machine, all layered with big, fat beats. They have already made the rounds in Miami, playing everywhere from LIV to defunct clubs such as the Fifth and Pawn Shop Lounge, so they are no strangers to our love of bass. They'll dare us to get moving Saturday at Grand Central, so let's not disappoint.

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