Five Reasons Why The Killers Don't Suck

Every hipster millennial had their Killers moment.

These kids vehemently yelled "Mr. Brightside" in the shower, and then on the bus to school (since it was 2004, and Discmans were still in), they packed an extra set of Duracells for a habitual Hot Fuss morning sesh.

Over the years though, overweening frontman Brandon Flowers (he called the Bravery a fake band and deemed Green Day's American Idiot 'anti-American) and company have been praised and vilified for their glossy faux-Brit New Wave Duran Duran theatrics. And the band's journey into Bruce Springsteen's small town tropes on 2006's Sam's Town didn't bode well either -- though Flowers called it "one of the best albums in the past 20 years." Sheesh. Don't mess with The Boss.

The Killers released two other records (Day & Age, Battle Born), but they're pretty forgettable. Over a 12-year career, though, the Sin City rockers have sold 20 million albums worldwide, and are still touring hardcore. So we here at Crossfade give you five reasons the Killers don't suck.

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Jessica Militare