Five Reasons Daft Punk Might Crash Phoenix's Sold-Out Show Tonight

Nothing would please us more than seeing some dancing robots on stage with Phoenix tonight. And we're not talking soon-to-take-over-the-world wonders of mechanical prowess. We want Daft Punk.

Yes, Phoenix is a great band and that's why we insisted on purchasing tickets the moment a pre-sale code was released. But once we heard about last week's double bill in NYC, our brain's little hamster wheels started turning at superspeed, and we began daydreaming of rock and robots uniting as one in sunny South Florida.

Make the jump for five (admittedly far-fetched) reasons why Daft Punk might be surprise us all at tonight's show

They haven't been in Miami since Bang Music Festival in 2006.
We showed them a really good time. Hey, we're still talking about that show four years later, aren't we? They brought it at Bang Music Festival in '06, but haven't been to our neck of the woods in four years. What better time for them to relive great memories, and open the eyes of some impressionable indie kids?

They were just surprise guests for Phoenix at Madison Square Garden a few days ago.
Yeah, we might be stretching a little bit. But they did just join Phoenix as surprise guests at Madison Square Garden in NYC last week. Happy week-a-versary, Daft Punk! What better way to celebrate than rekindling their onstage bromance somewhere a little sunnier? Maybe they want to use their robot masks as protective shielding from the sun's super strong rays?

They recognize Miami as one of the EDM capitals of the US.

Everyone recognizes Miami as one of the EDM capitals in the US. Duh. Miami's awesome. And even though Daft Punk has never officially played Ultra Music Festival, they did perform at several WMC side shows in the late '90s and early '00s.

They're French, too.

We've only just realized that Daft Punk and Phoenix are pals that go way back. But maybe their mutual patriotism reaches past berets and baguettes, and they want to support their fellow compatriots by secretly showing up at their shows? Hey, Hot Chip followed LCD Soundsystem around Florida even though they didn't perform with them, and we all know that LCD Soundsystem had "Daft Punk playing at their house." Just sayin'.

They're releasing a new album with links to Disney World.

Maybe they want to give South Florida a second look before the Tron: Legacy release. Our guess is they're not that familiar with the Mouse or his neighboring cities. Not to mention, we were promised some "surprise appearances" in honor of the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack, which Daft Punk put together. But since they didn't appear at last night's Orlando show, is it too much to assume that Miami might be next on the robots' list?

Phoenix, playing with Wavves. Wednesday, October 27. Fillmore Miami Beach, 1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The show starts at 8 p.m. and it's sold out. Visit

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Christine Borges